Faculty Stories

Robin Guillian

While taking her first introductory flight, Robin Guillian became enamored with aviation. She was intrigued by the complex systems that were involved, the hand-eye coordination that was required, and the fact that she could work outdoors. She first became a certified flight instructor before moving on to flying commercial cargo and commercial passenger planes.

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Dr. Stephanie Dorosko

When she was young, Dr. Stephanie Dorosko had two passions to consider as she looked to the future. “I was deciding between human and veterinary medicine. I used to have dreams of being both a pediatrician and a veterinarian,” she says. “I had some experience with farm animals and then I realized how much I enjoyed my relationship with them.”

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Michelle Sama

Michelle Sama knows a thing or two about learning. More importantly, Dr. Sama knows what your brain knows about learning.

She’s not just a respected faculty member at Vermont Tech; she’s also a trained researcher who has her Ph.D. in Pharmacology. Her post-doctoral research fellowship at Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine was focused on neuroscience and the physiology of... Read More >

John Diebold

In 1982 John Diebold was 23 years old. He had just quit his job at TRW in Ohio, packed everything into his car, and was driving around the country for six months. “I was trying to ‘find myself,’ I think was the term,” he says now, looking back.

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Carl Brandon

Three hundred miles above our heads, a four-inch-cube miniature satellite - the first one ever launched by a New England college or university - circled in low-Earth orbit, taking photos of our planet and transmitting them back to its home base at Vermont Tech's CubeSat Laboratory for two years and two days.

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