Alumni Profiles

2017 Katrina Hagan

Katrina Hagan

Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

If things had been different for Katrina Hagan, she might have pursued an entirely different career path. “I probably would have been a teacher,” she says. Or an accountant. “But I like being able to touch things and build things,” she says, “and I probably would have been really bored. ”

Instead, the... Read More >


Tonah Clairmont


Tonah came to Vermont Tech as an experienced LPN looking to further her career and expand her options. Tonah has been practicing nursing in Vermont for 8 years. Many of her friends attended Vermont Tech and had rave reviews about the ADN program and teachers.

As a nursing professional and a mother of... Read More >

2017 Kara and her favorite horse, Cochise

Kara Polito

Veterinary Technology

When she was three years old, Kara was playing Vet when she heard her pets heartbeat for the first time and was fascinated. That’s the moment she knew she wanted to work with animals. She’s already on her way, Kara recently graduated from the Veterinary Technology Program. Before she even graduated,... Read More >

2016 Caleb

Caleb Bristol

Architectural Engineering Technology

A first-generation college student, Caleb Bristol discovered that college is not just a place to learn but an ideal spot to make career connections. “I knew I wanted to be in the engineering discipline, and Vermont Tech's program fit my interests well,” he says.

As an architectural engineering technology major, he was heavily involved in professional organizations, such as ASHRAE (... Read More >

2016 Darian

Darian Calverley

Architectural Engineering Technology

At Vermont Tech, Darian Calverley found a place where he belongs. After graduating from high school in Attleboro, Mass., “I was looking for a college that was smaller in the number of students, and Vermont Tech was a good choice,” he says. ”I don't feel like I am lost in a crowd. I wanted a school where classes were small, thus allowing the teacher to help me when I needed help.”

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2016 Photo of Mallory Walling

Mallory Walling

Business Technology & Management

Since ninth grade, Mallory Walling had planned to attend a small, private college in Vermont. She was accepted, but the looming tuition bills made her think twice.

As high school valedictorian, she qualified for the full-tuition Vermont State Colleges’ Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholarship, so she started looking at state schools.

The first in her family to attend college... Read More >

2016 Dustin stands next to a cement mixer

Dustin Hill

Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology

“The most important memories are not typically found in the classroom, but in molding friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.”

At Vermont Tech, Dustin learned how to better manage his time, a skill that has benefited him in his career. This native Vermonter transferred to the... Read More >

2016 Steve Schubart

Steve Schubart

Diversified Agriculture

Although he was originally an economics major, Steve was looking for a change of pace. He knew he wanted to major in agriculture and assessed his college options thoroughly.

“Vermont Tech stood out because it had the real world experience, dedication to production agriculture, and curriculum I would need to succeed in business.”

When Steve came to Vermont Tech he majored in... Read More >

2016 Pattie smiles for a picture outside her work

Patricia Dudley


One of the things Patricia Dudley loves most about nursing is the endless opportunity for lifelong learning.

A student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, Patricia now understands more than ever the power of teamwork, encouragement, and compassion.

“I have learned that nursing is... Read More >

2016 Kate

Kate Morrison

Respiratory Therapy

When she graduated from high school, Kate Morrison went to nursing school for 3 years before deciding it was not what she really wanted to do. She knew she loved patient care, so she became a medical assistant. She married and now has a 6-year-old son, Chase and a 3-year-old daughter, Harper. After 7 years she wanted a career that provided more for her family. She remembers the day she... Read More >


Schneida Bruny

Business Technology & Management

Schneida Bruny credits her education at Vermont Tech with giving her a competitive advantage in today’s job market.

Schneida, who graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Technology and Management, says she learned how to be a leader and a team player at Vermont Tech... Read More >

2014 Matt Franzosa Construction Management Graduate

Matt Franzosa

Construction Management

As a kid, Matt Franzosa always liked building things with his hands. By the time he was a senior in high school, he knew he wanted to be in construction. He was thrilled to find a school like Vermont Tech, which offered construction management as a major.

Matt admits to struggling academically when he first arrived. Fortunately, the faculty organized tutoring sessions for him, and... Read More >

2013 Patty Danahy Architectural Engineering Graduate

Patty Danahy

Architectural Engineering Technology

“Vermont Tech is all about the networking, but also about the friendships,” says Patty Danahy. Her experience in the Engineering Technology program proves that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Patty came to Vermont Tech planning to study architectural design. She credits the faculty with helping her recognize that her strengths leaned more toward the practical aspects of the... Read More >

2013 Grace De Geus, Computer Software Engineering Graduate

Grace De Geus

Computer Software Engineering

Many students come to Vermont Tech already having a clear idea about what they want to do after college. There are many others, however, like Grace de Geus, who describes her own direction as “vague” when starting her first year.

What was more important to Grace was the size of the school. She grew up in the small Vermont town of Calais, and so Randolph suited her just fine. “VTC... Read More >

2013 Brendan at his honors convocation

Brendan Rowley

Dairy Farm Management

Brendan Rowley is a native Vermonter and a graduate of the Vermont Tech Dairy Farm Management program. Brendan is working on his family’s fourth generation dairy farm in Milton. His daily tasks include feeding the 180 cows and milking them in the evening. 
“I have also taken pride in... Read More >


Mike Smith

Electrical Engineering Technology

Mike never considered himself a traditional student. 

“I was never exclusively a student,” he says. “I was working full time while I was at Vermont Tech.”

Yes, he had a job but wanted a more fulfilling career.

“I knew I needed a degree… I needed to be ready.”

Mike managed to maintain his good grades while working the night shift, only taking a couple... Read More >

2010 Chris Burgess, Electromechanical Engineering Technology graduate

Chris Burgess

Electromechanical Engineering Technology

There are few industries evolving as fast as Electromechanical Engineering Technology,  but Chris Burgess says Vermont Tech prepared him well for whatever might occur. From day one, he was taught how to troubleshoot and problem-solve, which helped him understand how new pieces and devices fit into the larger picture.

“I learned how to design an industrial control scheme, get it... Read More >

2010 Allison Miller, Software Engineering graduate

Allison Miller

Software Engineering

Allison Miller’s roots are deeply embedded in Vermont. Her experience as a homeschool student helped influence her decision to stay in Vermont when it was time to choose a college. It was an interest in computer science that first drew her to Vermont Tech. And while falling in love with the school felt natural, Allison soon began having doubts about her choice of major.

The... Read More >

2007 & 2012 Carly Tedesco, Dental Hygiene graduate

Carly Tedesco

Dental Hygiene

Looking at the pearly, white smile of her dental hygienist did more than just encourage Carly Tedesco to brush and floss between meals. It also helped her envision a career path as early as age. If her hygienist was so happy, it must be a fulfilling job! 

Vermont Tech offered Carly the flexibility she was seeking in higher education. Once she finished the two year associate’s degree... Read More >